Backlinks is a term used to publish the links of their pages or articles on other sites, by link them to each other, in order to improve the external search engines or external SEO. This method aims to gain the trust and good reputation of the advertised site, in addition to advertising, facilitating and raising the crawl rate by search engine spiders, which contribute to the appearance of his article or site in the first results of the search engines.


The importance of Back-link to your site

Back-link has a great importance for the sites in the process of influencing the search results, and this depends on the quality and strength of the site, which you get the back-link.

  • Increase the domain Authority to your site
  • Increasing Google’s confidence in your topic because the process of getting your topic on Backlink on other sites is evidence of the accuracy of the information provided by that site.
  • Get traffic from various sources
  • e-Marketing your site on other sites
  • Build a new audience for your site

Backlinks types

The value and quality of backlinks that convert audiences to your site is very similar to the recommendation of a trusted person.

External links may be reflected negatively on your site if provided by a site that does not have public trust.

Now, let us recognize the Types of Backlink:

1- The Internal Backlink:

By linking the topics and articles of the site to each other through listing the texts and directing the browsing audience of your site to other pages that contain content related to the first content, which is a good way that help your site to appear, and the search engines prefer it a lot.

2- The External Backlink:

It publishes the site link to other site by several methods, such as:


By put comments on posts on sites, mentioning your site’s name or link within the comment.

  Articles and publications of other sites:

This method is considered one of the most important and best ways to create a backlink, and it is through publishing your site link in articles of famous sites.

This type is divided into two branches:

  • Do Follow Links:

It is an external link that occurs in strong website posts with a high Authority, it helps search spiders track your site and reinforces the importance of your content. And enhance the credibility of your site they have.

  • No Follow Links:

The function of this feature is to tell search engines that there is no recommendation for this link to be ignored while navigating search engine spiders. This means not to transfer confidence or trustworthiness from the site that contains the link to your site.

Search engines give no consideration to this link, but it is of great importance for several reasons:

  • The search engines think that the many “do-follow” links on the page are a form of fraud, and this is reflected negatively. Using the “no-follow” meets the purpose in this case.
  • The links help you to bring visitors from social media.
  • Some sites may be damaged and punishment from search engines. When you use a “no-follow “link, the damage will not be transferred to your site.
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